An exclusive meeting of Silicon Valley's financial leaders, one year after the SVB crisis redefined banking in tech and venture.

The one-day event will feature insider perspectives on the SVB crisis and conversations with the people shaping Silicon Valley's financial landscape in its wake.

Startup founders, CFOs, VC partners, tech bankers, and other financial professionals should apply to attend this invite-only summit.

We'll extend invitations on a rolling basis. Tickets are $999. (For accepted founders and finance experts at early-stage startups, tickets are $299)

Speakers Include

Laurence Tosi
Founder & Managing Partner, WestCap

Marc Cadieux
President, Silicon Valley Bank

Jackie Reses
CEO, Lead Bank

Melissa Smith
Co-Head of Innovation Economy, J.P. Morgan

Stephane Lintner
Founder & CEO, Jiko

Immad Akhund
Founder & CEO, Mercury

Everett Cook
CEO & Co-Founder, Rho

Vanessa Wu
General Counsel, Rippling

Melissa Stepanis
Head of Technology Banking, HSBC

Monica Long
President, Ripple

Michael Tannenbaum
Board Member, Brex

Matt Harris
Partner, Bain Capital Ventures

Roberto Rivera
Regional Managing Director, San Francisco Bay Area, Citizens Private Bank

Sam Heshmati
Head of Emerging VC and Innovation Banking, Citizens Private Bank

Peter Hébert
Managing Partner, Lux Capital

Justin Overdorff
Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jim Labe
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, TriplePoint Capital

Matt Trotter
Co-Head of Venture Banking, Stifel

Summit Information

Venue & Address

The summit is at The Pearl, an events venue at 601 19th St, San Francisco, CA 94107


Street parking is limited and we recommend that attendees take rideshare or public transportation to the event.The venue recommends the nearby Crane Cove private parking lot for attendees who choose to drive.


Doors will open at 9:30am, followed by on-stage content, lunch, continued on-stage content including break time, and a happy hour at 5pm. See the full agenda below.


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Doors Open

Check-in and welcome coffee

First Session

Opening Remarks

What a Difference a Year Makes

Featuring Marc Cadieux (Silicon Valley Bank)
In conversation with Eric Newcomer

Lessons Learned From A Bank Run

With Laurence Tosi (WestCap) and Peter Hébert (Lux)
Moderated by Eric Newcomer

A Port in the Storm

Featuring Melissa Smith (J.P. Morgan)
In conversation with Madeline Renbarger (Newcomer)

12:10 to 12:35
Keeping the Rails Working in Crisis & Beyond

With Vanessa Wu (Rippling) and Michael Tannenbaum (Brex)
Moderated by Madeline Renbarger (Newcomer)

It's About the People

Featuring Matt Trotter (Stifel)
In conversation with Jonathan Weber (Newcomer)


Served on the rooftop of The Pearl

Second Session

The Future of Banking

With Everett Cook (Rho), Stephane Lintner (Jiko), and Monica Long (Ripple)
Moderated by Deirdre Bosa (CNBC)

Same Team, Different Jersey: FRB to Citizens Private Bank

Featuring Roberto Rivera and Sam Heshmati (Citizens)
In conversation with Jonathan Weber (Newcomer)

Raising Debt & Equity After the Crisis

With Jim Labe (TriplePoint Capital) and Justin Overdorff (Lightspeed Venture Partners)
Moderated by Eric Newcomer

Breaking the Bank

A presentation from Matt Harris (BCV)

The State of Global Banking

Featuring Melissa Stepanis (HSBC)
In conversation with Eric Newcomer


Short break before our closing talks

Final Session

Why Software Is Eating the Banks

Featuring Immad Akhund (Mercury)
In conversation with Eric Newcomer

Fintech & Banking, All-in-One

Featuring Jackie Reses (Lead Bank)
In conversation with Eric Newcomer

Happy Hour

Appetizers and open bar provided by

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Venture and startup
banking one year
after the SVB Crisis

Presented by Jiko

March 14, 2024
San Francisco, California